Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer's Almost Over for Me

I go back to work on August 12th. Far too soon for me. We've accomplished a lot this summer, but there's still quite a bit I'd like to do.

Cleaned out the garage. I can park my car in it. That has maybe never happened before.
Got rid of a great deal of belongings.
My kiddo learned how to fish, ride her bike, she and passed Level II swimming.

To Do:
I still have some things I'd like to do to the house and my classroom.
Crafting things to finish, like the lining for my Prism bag (below, before felting), my Backgammon bag, Charlotte's Web shawl, and my kiddo's dress.

Visit all of the outdoor-nice-day places we like to go.
Print photos and make our New York trip scrapbook (Central Park).

It's been a really nice summer, though, even though it's almost over. For now, we're off to the bike trails. Torpedo's record for the summer is 6 miles and mine is 20. We'll have to break one of those tonight.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Today's Accomplishments

Really they're just elaborate and successful procrastination tactics.

1. Paid off my substantial medical bills.
2. Filled out and turned in two forms.
3. Bought things that I needed.
4. Bought things that I wanted.
5. Made plans to take a day off.
6. Finished knitting a scarf.
7. Took out the recycling.
8. Did a load of laundry.

Things I Did Not Do:
1. Write two IEP's.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I love, love, love this. I have wanted to knit something just like this for ... years, maybe? So I'm thinking, how much would all the nice yarn cost, and is there any way I can justify spending $158 on a scarf?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hmm. Back to Blogging?

I've recently been thinking about blogging again. It's been awhile, but I kept the blog up because I thought I'd get back to it. I'm thinking now might be a good time.

I start work again on Wednesday. Two more days of summer vacation. I'm sure everyone says this and everyone is thinking it already, but it really did fly by. Summer was wonderful, and I'm sad to see it go. I try to tell myself that it will be nice to get back into a routine, but I could easily never have a routine again. I am excited to see my students again, though. And I like setting up my classroom. We're going to the school and work on that again today.

In my knitting life I've got more projects going on that I can possibly finish in the next two days, which was my original goal. I'm knitting a cardigan for me, a bolero for my new niece to be, a sock (there's always a sock), and a fabulous bag:

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Mine will be similar colors to the one in the front.

So, soon I will have to juggle a new school year and knitting and maintaining a house and full-time 24/7 parenting. But we'll manage. Off to the school.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Short Sort of an Update

I keep thinking, "I'll get back to the blog after I..." The latest thing stopping me is my new job. After I graduated in December (with my MA in Special Education), I taught part-time last school year and through the summer. And now I just started teaching full-time as an elementary special education teacher. I think it will be great, but the beginning of a new school year at a new school with students that I don't know is a little rough.

I have been knitting. I frantically knitted all sorts of things before school started, (hats, mittens, scarf, baby cardigan, doll dresses, socks), because I knew I wouldn't have much time for knitting for a while. Now I have a Charlotte's Web shawl and another doll dress on the needles.

So we'll see. I'll keep the blog up for a while and if things slow down, then maybe I'll pick it back up...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Almost Done...

I have one week left of student teaching. I turn in my portfolio on Wednesday, my internship in over on Friday, and I graduate on Saturday (though I won't actually be attending). And then I get the other aspects of my life back. I have a crazy long list of things that I want to work on (crafting things, house things, getting internet in my house!, oh, and getting a teaching job - that one's pretty important). Some of them will have to wait until after Christmas, though. I will probably be having Christmas at my house this year, if I can figure out how to fit 12-18 people in my tiny house. But I think it will be fun; I've always wanted to be a hostess. So. long story short, one more week and that's it!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

We moved!

We're done moving! Everything is still a bit chaotic and not quite unpacked, but we're mostly moved anyway. The house is getting to be pretty cute. One minus: no internet or cable. The cable I can live without, but the no internet thing is going to be a problem, I'll have to take care of that. Once we get internet I can post pictures.